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Infixed Panel Condition  
Patent pending method of increasing the load capacity of frame supported panels by several times. The technology enables weaker, lighter and thinner materials to become several times stronger and thereby structural and it has numerous applications in a multitude of industries.

SuperStructures  &  Ultimate Building Panel
SuperStructures is a startup company that will apply the Infixed Panel Condition to create low cost, high quality, simple and versatile structural building system that incorporates all of the many attractive properties of spray polyurethane foam. The Ultimate Building Panel is the most efficient utilization of the Infixed Panel Condition and uses only three materials, a cladding, spray foam and a building frame to provide a comprehensive wall or roof structure.   

Thixotropic Building System:
Patented concrete building system that eliminates 98% of the hydrostatic pressure in forms and results in substantial cost savings.  System costs 50% less than all other concrete systems.    A company called Thixcon, Inc. has been established to pursue this opportunity.

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